"I have been getting treatments on the VAX-D table at Exclusively Spine for a couple of weeks and it has helped me tremendously. I go for maintenance visits now and I am feeling much better. I will keep going to Exclusively Spine and would recommend it to anyone!

Thank you Exclusively Spine Physical Therapy."

Robert R.
Peoria, AZ

"After being diagnosed with a 'degenerative back', which I've found is an all-inclusive diagnosis; I was prescribed physical therapy at a local hospital, which amounted to some rubber bands and a poor excuse for a traction device. When that was unsuccessful, I was given three epidural injections. Neither procedure gave much or any lasting relief.

I had seen the VAX-D ads on TV. After some research and discovering their high rate of success, I proceeded to meet Dr. Melissa Hourihan, PT and her VAX-D Table. Along with her array of exercise equipment and expertise, I found I can walk again PAIN FREE!

I would highly recommend Exclusively Spine Physical Therapy to anyone with back or neck pain."

Stephen R.
Sun City, AZ

"I was happy to hear about your new business! I am sure you'll do very well because you are a truly caring person and that is rare in the health care field today.

You probably don't remember me anymore; I have both spinal arthritis and degenerative disc disease and was a patient of yours back in 2001after a disc episode that took me into the emergency room. I was having some difficulty adjusting to the treatments and you and your caring and concern were the reasons I stayed with it. You took me off the pre-treatment exercise and put me on a different Vax-D setting. After 11 treatments I was able to resume all normal activities. Now its nearly 6 years, and I've never needed any more than massage, maintenance chiropractic and my regular walking/exercise routine to be pain and restriction free!

Thank you for your skill and care. I know I wouldn't be doing as well as I am today if not for you.

Take care and the best of luck with Exclusively Spine!"

Paul B.
Mesa, AZ

P.S. I will certainly let people know about you and your new business.

"I have had lower back problems for more than 14 years. Bulging discs, ruptured discs, sciatica problems, pinched nerves and muscle spasms have all caused a lot of pain throughout my lower back and into my legs. I've felt shooting pain, sharp pains, aching and even numbness as a result of my lower back problems. Chiropractic care, spinal blocks, muscle relaxers and pain killers only temporarily reduced the pain, but didn't help the root of the problem. I had tried almost everything I could just short of surgery with no relief.

Trying to avoid surgery, I researched the therapy that Dr. Hourihan provides at Exclusively Spine. I figured that this type of physical therapy wouldn't work either and went just to satisfy my wife who had been telling me to try the VAX-D therapy before having to succumb to surgery. I can honestly say that Dr. Hourihan has been able to help me by reducing the pain frequency and severity greatly! I started noticing a difference within a few sessions, and I am now back to work and back to life. Dr Hourihan has been able to help me overcome my back issues that were affecting every part of my life. She is an awesome doctor, very professional, knowledgeable, caring, and works with state of the art therapies and machines that have changed my life! I encourage anyone suffering from back pain to try Dr. Hourihan at Exclusively Spine.

I want to thank everyone at Exclusively Spine Physical Therapy."

Eric F.
Phoenix, AZ