CDM Monitored Rehab Systems Back Extension

This equipment allows for computerized testing and strengthening of the muscles of the low back. The unique chair construction guarantees optimum adjustment for training the various muscles of the low back. The computer software allows the patient to use the exercise like a video game. It is so fun that patients forget that they are exercising.

Monitored Rehab Systems is the new gold standard in rehabilitation, testing and strength training. The equipment provides the patient with real-time feedback through its sensors and computer software. This facilitates optimal training and testing for muscle strength, motor control, proprioception and coordination. Because the equipment stimulates the neuromuscular system (the brain-muscle connection) significant strength gains occur rapidly.

The patient's relative position is visually represented on the computer monitor and the patient is asked to move their back to navigate their way through mazes or perform other challenging skills in a "video game" environment. Points are awarded for positive work and deducted for poor work performance. The software learns the patient's strengths and weaknesses and will generate game patterns to work on the patient's area of weakness. The difficulty and speed level of the activities are adjustable so it can be used by almost all individuals. CDM Monitored Rehab System is like a game, patients really enjoy the equipment. It is so fun, they forget they are exercising.

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