Spinal Decompression Therapy

Our spinal decompression therapy, VAX-D, is a patented non surgical therapy developed for chronic low back pain and sciatica. These tables are designed to gently, but strongly separate the bones of the spine to decompress discs. Pressures in the low back can be as high as +180 mm of mercury during common daily activities. Decompression therapy reduces the pressure in the discs of the low back to -180 mm of mercury, allowing fluids and nutrients to re-enter the disc reducing swelling and relieving the pressure on pinched nerves. The treatment breaks the cycle of pain caused by bulging and degenerated discs.

The treatment is performed with the patient fully clothed. They are fitted with a harness on their pelvis and are placed on the spinal decompression table face down. The patient either holds on to handles up above or are fitted with a shoulder harness to fix the top half of their body to the table. During the treatment, the bottom half of the table actually splits as the lower body is gently pulled eliciting decompression of the discs. This is followed by a rest period, then the cycle is repeated. The treatment consists of 15 cycles of pull and release and lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. VAX-D features patented technology that eliminates muscle spasm that can occur with stretching of the spine. Most patients find the VAX-D therapy comfortable.

Spinal decompression treatments should be done frequently in succession 3 to 4 times per week. The number of treatment sessions required depends upon the diagnosis and severity of your condition. However, most patients require 24 sessions on average. More difficult cases may require more sessions.

This therapy has been the subject of many clinical studies to determine how effective it is and how it woks. VAX-D has demonstrated success rates of 75-85% in clinical studies at hospitals and at more than 450 private outpatient clinics. Studies have shown that on average more than 70% of VAX-D patients report a pain scale reduced to less than "2" out of 10 in four weeks.

Click here for studies. Click here for frequently asked questions about the VAX-D.

Exclusively Spine Physical Therapy is excited to be the only facility in Arizona to offer the new and improved spinal decompression - VAX-D Genesis which allows for the patient to be more comfortable than ever during the treatment. The new VAX-D Genesis software provides smooth and accurate motion control of linear actuators that provide absolutely accurate force sensing and positioning through bio-feedback when decompressing the discs in the lumbar spine.

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