Kinesis™ by Technogym™

Kinesis by Technogym | Peoria AZ

Kinesis™ is "movement therapy" which is designed to re-establish the correct balance between mind and body to improve the quality of life. Kinesis combines the use of full body balance, strength and flexibility and allows the body to move in 3 dimensional space in a natural way to more mimic every day motion.

  • Balance - The ability to actively maintain the body in balance, making use of the stabilizing muscles during each movement.
  • Flexibility - The ability to move freely through a full range of motion.
  • Strength - The ability to work with resistance, either using one's own body or an external weight.

The Kinesis equipment features four stations with cables connected to weight stacks, alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

Each station offers resistance in a variety of planes or directions. The equipment allows for over 250 exercises and movements. Kinesis allow movement to be easy and natural without restrictions. It features FullGravity™ patent pending technology which allows for resistance to vary in accordance with the increase in the width of the movement. This allows for activation of multiple muscle groups in the kinetic chain rather than a single muscle.

Kinesis incorporates a patent pending 360 degree rotating pulley system which enables movement in three planes without cable interference. Kinesis equipment features a patented continuous cable loop systems which connects with each cable handle. The design allows you to move freely with minimal interference with the body especially in thrust movements.

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